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Industrialization in developed countries and developing countries taking growth and we are among that progress, involved in business solutions and expertise.

As we are the pioneer in gloves manufacturing Industry, we have lots in business planning for growth in every array.

We offer our investors as an opportunity to take advantage of growth sharing with our company by expanding our market.

Today the financial world has a unique role in economies of every country and towards which we are dedicated to succeed.

About Us

We are the leading hybrid trade service offering company,introduced the concept in the market with the aim to provide a new platform for the crypto world and trading world. In the world of cryptocurrency and stock market, there are many new coins and stocks coming into the market having different price and different market value, but we explore this opportunity as a new platform. Furthermore, we are renowned for the following:

  • Talented and professional business experts
  • Dedicated towards highest number of shareholders in the world.
  • Increasing trade in crypto and stock market by increasing company value.

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Introducing eTrust

eTrust is a new concept in hybrid trading terms, where every user will have Trust fund as an advanced profit which user can utilize to grow its community. These profits are generated through Crypto Trade and Stock Market Trades.

eTrade and eTrust profit depends on type of plan every user select for particular time period and its few details are as follows:
1- Maximum eTrust Profit: 400%-500%
2- Maximum eTrade Profit: 150%-200%
3- Validity of eTrade: Max 500% Total Bonus or Max eTrade Profit
4- Validity of eTrust: Max 500% Total Bonus or 12 Months period
5- Other Bonuses: Introducer Bonus, Development Bonus,Hybrid Bonus


About us

We are one of the leading financial solution provider emerging from Asia pacific expanding over worldwide.


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