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What is Nikkei International?

NI is a hybrid network platform of trade which provides opportunity for investors to earn trade profit through eTrust and eTrade options. We have been holding experience of more than 10 years in the field of trade from stock market to crypto world, and we believe in sharing profit through hybrid margin trade. For every investment there is particular trade profit from referral bonus to group business. We are emerging company from Asia pacific to Europe and following Latin America and rest of the world..

Our Expertise

Innovated Industries

We are dedicated towards offering best quality production with time and cost efficiency, having team of expert professionals, keep on upgrading latest innovation.

Steady Revenue Growth

Our Aim is to maintain the company growth with innovative ideas implementation through our research and development network, meanwhile we monitor market.

Advanced Technologies

As we have been engaged in various industrial production from the past decade, as to increase the production, we needs to focus on latest technologies for which we are committed.

Importance of N.I

We have a strong shareholding community which is growing daily with the aim to get better future with us.

We offer the innovative solution for the industrial market, being an Industrial expert company, we believe in increasing the market demand of production through worldwide expansion for which we are working in every aspect as to gain markets the major consumers.

Market value of shares increase in stock market as a result of huge demand and the growth of share also depends upon company output, that’s why we are working on both segments as to gain the major share percent in global community.

Share of all world's money (85 Trillion USD)
  • Stock Market

  • Physical Money

  • Gold Market

  • Others Circulation

About us

We are one of the leading financial solution provider emerging from Asia pacific expanding over worldwide.


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